How to Reduce Cost Per Lead Twice With Facebook Lead Ads

What are lead ads on Facebook, and why does any business need it?

Facebook lead ads make the lead collection process much easier than if you ran Facebook ads in other formats . When a person interacts with your advertising, a contact form opens inside Facebook (without exiting), already
pre-filled with profile data that the user has previously shared with the application.

Without filling out the form, without extra clicks or efforts, the form is ready to be submitted, and the quality lead is in your database.

But despite the apparent simplicity for the user, setting up such an advertising campaign to be efficient and profitable  requires a lot of experience, and our Facebook ads agency has you covered.

Generate Facebook ads leads by offering your customers what they need most!

Promote your offer, whether it is a discount coupon or a free guide — anything that can interest a potential buyer. They will receive a tempting offer, and you will find a new potential customer.

Why Facebook Ads For Lead Generation?

Thousands of businesses have already chosen Facebook to generate leads. Do not miss the opportunity.

Convenient format, great results

  • Get the most out of mobile ads.

Thanks to pre-filled lead forms, potential customers can easily submit their contact information, even from the smallest mobile screen.

  • Collect the leads you need.

There are ample audience choices and fine-tuning options to reach the right people. Local business leads or sales around the world: Facebook lead ads will complete any task.

  • Set up integration with your CRM system.

New leads can be synchronized with your CRM system utilizing Facebook’s native integration with most popular CRMs (no extra tools or expenses needed in most cases), which will allow your sales team to begin processing the collected leads immediately
or build an automates sales nurturing funnel.

  • Instagram synchronization.

Link your Instagram account to your Facebook Business Manager and run ads on both social networks simultaneously further cutting down cost per acquisition.

  • Remarketing opportunities.

Motivate the users who already saw your ad or visited your website to convert into leads.

There are thousands of users who are interested to purchase your product or service!

• Do you know, that 68% of Americans use Facebook? 

• 74%  of people visit Facebook daily.

• 78% of American consumers have discovered retail products to buy on Facebook last year.

Today, Facebook ads is the most efficient tool for lead generation to invest in for many industries.

Facebook Lead Ads Benefits Every Business Owner Should Know About

1. Launching ads without a website

You don’t need to spend time and money creating a landing page for your offer. Instead, we can run ads today, and you will get leads almost instantaneously. The right targeting and a good offer are key.

2. Fast results

We will set up a Facebook advertising campaign in a matter of hours, and you can collect leads as soon as day 1 after the ad is approved.

3. Lower cost per lead (compared to Google Ads)

The exact cost per lead may vary depending on your industry and product/service. However, across the board, an average cost per acquisition is currently as much as 5 times lower than what you would pay (or are paying) with Google Ads.

Facebook Ads Lead Generation With ON Digital Agency

Facebook lead ads are successful when you target the right audience with the right offer and split test a variety of creative and copy. You probably already know it.

But to use the full potential of Facebook lead ads, one must apply integrated approach to the campaigns combined with true optimization expertise in your niche.

9 out of 10 clients who requested a free consultation continue to work with us.

Using an individual approach to each business we will create an effective lead generation strategy with minimal testing budget.

STEP 1. Business Analysis for Facebook Lead Ads

We analyze your previous experience with advertising campaigns, determine the strengths and weaknesses of the product / service to design a solid advertising strategy on Facebook. We diligently plan out strategic approach to management and
design of ad groups before launching your advertising.

STEP 2. Facebook Target Audience Analysis

For targeted lead generation, we divide the audiences of potential buyers into  personas. We study each of them and create a list of interests and pain points.
– We read comments and discussions in relevant groups to determine the best offers.
– We “get into the head” of each persona and find the main triggers of decision-making.
– We build a sequence of advertising touches that takes into account your personas’ interests and needs.

STEP 3. Setup and Execution

We build out your target audiences in Facebook Business Manager ahead of time to evaluate the audience size, get a better CTR and lower cost per click. For maximum efficiency, we create a list of testing options before starting advertising

STEP 4. Creating Copy, Images, and Videos

We create short video clips and animations for in-feed ad placement and Stories’ ads.  Video is proven to be the most effective creative format that can double your conversions and decrease advertising cost.

STEP 5. Setting Up and Launching Facebook Lead Ads

We set up your campaigns from start to finish once you approve the final versions of creative, targeting criteria, and offer(s).

STEP 6. Analytics And Reporting

We monitor analytics daily applying necessary tweaks to maximize Facebook lead generation.

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