Google Ads

Help customers find you in Google search results and on
Google Maps. Start generating business now.

Why Google Ads?


Attract new clients

Google Ads will help increase online sales, leads, and calls to your business, increase site traffic, and earn local customers.


Advertise locally or worldwide

Targeting can be precisely tailored to your business needs. Advertise in any country or state, or just a few miles from your office or store.


Choose the right time

Reach potential customers when they are online searching for your products and services and are most likely to buy.


Pay for results, not impressions

When ads, targeting, and landing pages are designed and executed by experts, you get results.

When Do You Need Google Ads?

  • When you want to increase brand awareness online.
  • When you need to increase demand by reaching your target audience.
  • When you want to enter a new market.
  • When your growth needs are time-sensitive (need results fast).
  • When you want to test a wide variety of ad formats (text, display, video, call ads).
  • Ads can be placed on search results or on the Display Network. The Display Network includes millions of sites, as well as Google’s inventory – Gmail, Youtube, and Android apps.
  • Google Adwords provides many ad formats: text and image ads, and even videos. This allows you to reach any audience, anywhere!
When Do You Need Google Ads?

How We Deliver Results with Google Ads

How We Deliver Results

Why ON Digital Agency?

  • – We focus on increasing conversions by decreasing cost per click (CPC).
  • – Full transparency in reporting. You have 24×7 access to all data and metrics and you own your data.
  • – Full service Google Ads means that we cover all campaign needs, from strategy to execution (including landing pages’ copy, graphics, video, ad copy, analytics, and more).
  • – Open communication with your Google Ads socialist and robust support (same day assistance).