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Medical SEO
Search Engine Optimization
Whether you have one clinic or multiple locations, medical Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a trusted source of new patients. While our experienced medical copywriters write compelling and easy to understand content for your patients, our programmers will make sure that your Google presence is empowered by medical structured data, fast loading pages, and other technical elements that are a must for medical SEO.
Reputation Management
Local medical SEO thrives on reviews. Our AI-based medical marketing tools can help you generate more reviews, maintain a high average score, and save your team a lot of valuable time.
Readable Analytics
Full transparency of results and medical SEO return on investment are crucial. Enjoy flexible pre-set and on-demand reports that everyone can read.
Collaboration Built on Trust
We do not lock physicians into long-term contracts. Let our work speak for itself. If you are not satisfied with medical SEO, there are no penalties for waking away.
Google Ads for Medical Practices
Precise Targeting
Efficient targeting of potential patients is crucial. If you are paying for ads, they need to drive revenue.
Expert Ad Copy
Medical advertising copy requires expertise. We take care of ads, ad extensions, creatives, and the campaigns’ performance tracking.
High Performing Landing Pages
No website yet? Not a problem. Hyper-relevant landing pages are a must for successful ads. We will design, build, and split test them for you.
Cost Optimization
Our primary goal is to find the model that drives cost per result down while your clinic’s revenue goes up.
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Facebook Ads
Targeting + Creative + Optimized Cost
Facebook ads work when they are done right. If you don’t want to waste money, precision targeting combined with creative that attracts the eye are a must. Additionally, our medical marketing platform integrates directly with Facebook ads, which means performance can be optimized nearly in real time.
Instagram Ads
Targeting + Creative + Optimized Cost
Instagram ads rely on precise targeting, awesome creative, and an appealing offer. When the combination is right, there is no other channel that beats Instagram in patient generation for many medical practices. Our medical marketing platform integrates directly with Instagram ads, which means performance can be optimized nearly in real time.
Medical Websites & Custom Applications
Targeting + Creative + Optimized Cost How to design a professional medical website? We are ready to help you achieve this goal relying on our extensive expertise in healthcare marketing and website development. Each website is designed individually for each client based on their preferences and needs. Custom applications (interactive quizzes, price checkers, etc.) improve patient experience, and API integrations with EMR/HER applications or a HIPAA compliant medical marketing suite can boost your revenue and save your team valuable time.
HIPAA Compliant Medical Marketing Software
If you are a provider offering procedures covered by health insurance, you need a HIPAA compliant CRM, even if you are gathering and storing only potential patients’ contact information. VIP HIPAA compliant marketing automation suite and CRM is an all-in-one application that is easy to use and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Request a demo.
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Strategy & Analytics
Clear and Transparent Reports
If a medical marketing agency doesn’t give you full visibility into your metrics and reports, you should find another agency. We believe that you should have full control over your reporting, and your data should be easy to read and understand.
Translating Numbers into Actions
Clear reports are great, but if you can’t translate them into a successful marketing strategy, they have little to no value. We help our clients make data-driven decisions to grow their practices.