Google Began Using BERT To Group News

Google began using BERT technology and other machine learning methods to group related news.

Algorithms generate grouped news in a carousel and show them in the “Top Stories” section of the search results.

The innovation will help users easily find the latest news on a topic, find out the context of a story, understand which story is interesting to him, and learn more about it.

For example, at the request of NASA News, the search engine can show results grouped by the subjects “NASA adds five companies to moon bid” and “NASA detects water vapor on Jupiter’s moon Europa”, as well as additional results in
the section “Also in the News”.

Before And After

Before And After

Google explained that it uses new technology to identify related stories. To group news, the search engine uses various machine learning models, including BERT, which helps understand where
one story ends and another begins.

According to Google, the grouping will help people navigate the news search better and find more relevant content.

Due to the constant updates of Google algorithms, it is necessary to carry out regular and comprehensive work on your website SEO.

Starting December 11th, the update has been launched on mobile devices in the United States for requests in English. In the next few months, Google will roll out a new feature in other languages ​​and countries.

Source: Search Engine Journal

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