Convert 76% of All Site Visitors to Buyers With Atlanta Local SEO Services

Convert 76% of All Site Visitors to Buyers With Atlanta Local SEO Services

Every day, billions of users all over the world turn to search engines with their questions, and about 2/3 of them are looking for local information: where to find certain goods and services, where to have dinner tonight, how to get to the theater or museum, which was mentioned in tourist guide, and so on.

In fact, nearly 46% of all Google searches are seeking local information. As well as this search result information usually sends 76% of consumers to a physical store. Pretty good statistics, is not it?

And this is a compelling reason to consider local SEO quite important.

This is especially true in Atlanta, where thousands of inhabitants and an endless stream of tourists enter their requests into Google every minute.

And to be on top of this wave, any successful business needs Atlanta local SEO services.


Competent local promotion can increase profits several times, or open the door to a higher level of sales, while sites that are not optimized for local search lose up to 80% of potential leads from organic search results.

In this article we will talk about 5 mandatory stages of search engine optimization, which are of particular importance in terms of Atlanta local SEO.

Atlanta Local SEO: What Are Its Main Features?

If you have been developing a business and promoting your website for a long time, then you probably know that SEO is undergoing constant transformation.

To some extent, this process can be compared with the growth of the child. If you have a nephew whom you see once every few months, then this is something similar.

Each time you visit him, you can easily see changes in his development (height, voice, thinking, look change).

The same is true with the development of search engines.

And if we are talking about local SEO, it’s time to pay special attention to it: your potential customers are maximally mobilized, it is difficult to find a person without a smartphone, in which he can learn about almost everything.

Someone just asks through voice search where to order sushi in Atlanta. But some users conduct a huge search campaign to select a quality medical center in the city. And local promotion will help get the maximum benefits from this trend.

Atlanta local SEO services can not only bring a website to the top of search results, but it is also the most effective way to attract the target audience to your online or offline business.

Atlanta Local SEO Services: How to Hit The Target?

There are several basic SEO tips for promoting your business in Atlanta that you can use today.

1. Title and Description Optimization

Take a good look at how Title and Description are designed on your website.

Is the location where you are interested in promoting your business indicated everywhere (or at least on the main selling pages)? And does the page text itself contains the main key queries for your city? (For example, “buy flowers in Atlanta”).

2. Display all contact and geographical data on the site

It can be said generally, that the main goal of Atlanta local SEO services is one thing: buyers must find you. And of course, buy your products or services.

It follows that on your website this data should be displayed on all pages:

– The name of the company;
– Its geographical address;
– Contact phone number and email address.

This is important both for users and for search engines, which attach great importance to such data as part of local search.

3. Integration with Google Maps and Google My Business

The first thing a user sees in issuing Google on a localized request is Google Maps, and below them there is a list of nearby relevant companies registered in Google My Business.

Register your company on Google My Business with all the detailed information, including contact details, opening hours, and a brief description. Use more quality photos. Track comments and reviews. Answer user questions.

Google My Business is becoming more and more important not only for local promotion, but also for shaping the face and reputation of your brand.

Your actions, as well as the actions of users in relation to your company in Google services are one of the most important factors for Atlanta local SEO.

Use this opportunity to the maximum.

4. Content creation according to local requests

Content plays almost a key role in the context of local promotion. When working on site content, regular publications and useful reference materials for local users (potential customers), consider the specifics of your area: mention that your salon is close to the subway or you make the best milkshakes 20 meters from the popular park.

Think of the utility from the perspective of Atlanta consumers.

And also use the names of specific areas closest to your store (e.g. “Pizza in Smyrna”).

5. Registration in local directories and services

Starting to promote local business, register it in all possible catalogs, city directories (official city directories and private city guides), thematic portals (for example, dedicated to shopping or gastronomy), and services – both regional and world (including Yelp, TripAdvisor, Foursquare, etc.)

Firstly, this way you will have more points of contact with the audience, and secondly, such sites will serve as a source of references and backlinks.


A successful local SEO strategy is the key to attracting more people to your business, whether it’s a small cafe or an extensive network of health facilities.

When working on optimizing your website in local SEO terms, you should consider the features of Atlanta local search results, analyze your competitors regularly, and take into account the behavior of users who have converted.

In addition to the basic tips for local SEO promotion, listed above, there is a huge range of tools and ways to increase the position of your business in the Atlanta local search.

Each niche, whether it is a beauty salon or a grocery store, has its own characteristics and subtleties that can be used to get around all your competitors.

And professional Atlanta local SEO services can help achieve the most ambitious goals, while others are only thinking about promotion.

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