Essential Off-Page SEO Techniques That Will Boost Your Business in 2020

Essential Off-Page SEO Techniques That Will Boost Your Business in 2020

Speaking about the huge importance of SEO for promoting your website, it should be noted that search engine optimization has two main areas: on-page and off-page SEO. Much has already been said about the first one, but today we will talk about why off-page SEO is so important for your business.

Do you know, that 75% of SEO is actually off-page, while only 25% is on-page? Statistics confirm that most people make the mistake of believing that what’s on your site is the key to SEO.

However, it has been proven that backlinks, social signals, social networks, directories, and many other off-page methods are the basis for effective promotion in search engines.

The Difference Between On-Page and Off-Page SEO

• On-page SEO is all actions performed directly on the landing page (website, blog post) that help it get higher positions in the issue. This type of optimization includes such popular techniques as page promotion
by keywords, use of anchor tags, meta tags, meta descriptions, optimization of page/text headers, internal linking.

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• Off-page SEO (off-site SEO) includes all measures implemented outside the website, which also help strengthen its position. These are link building, chatting in forums, working with opinion leaders, content marketing, etc.

Off-page optimization primarily helps search engines understand what users think about your product, service, or brand. Even with only a few links from large, relevant, reputable resources, you can increase the chances of increasing the ranking of your website.

To explain the value of off-page SEO, here’s a relevant analogy.

Imagine your web resource is a magnificent mansion. But what do people see around this? Garbage and a groomed garden? Or beautiful flowers and elegant fountains?

Your site is like a house waiting for guests. It is important to take care not only of the brand or the Internet resource (the interior of the mansion) but also of the reputation in the neighborhood so that other people would like to visit you.

It is necessary to maintain the cleanliness of roads, lawns and other little things that make the surroundings of your mansion attractive. In other words – you need to work to improve the reputation of the site from the outside, so that work inside the resource ensures maximum success.

Essential Off-Page SEO Techniques That Will Boost Your Business in 2020

We have put together the most effective off-page SEO techniques that will help your website get into the top search results in 2020.

Top 3 Off-Page SEO Techniques Needed In 2020


Virtually every SEO expert notes backlinks as the main tool for off-page optimization.

Link to your site is the same recommendation. The more often your site is recommended, the higher its credibility for search engines. And the quality of links is especially important in the context of a toughening struggle between search engines and purchased SEO links.

Building up the reference mass will certainly benefit in the following cases:

  • The affiliate partners are reputable sites.
  • The link is most naturally added to the article, review, comment or any other text.
  • No spamming keywords and links.
  • The referenced page is filled with quality and relevant content.
  • Relevant keywords matching the topic were selected as anchors.

Keep a close eye on where your link mass comes from (for example using Serpstat or other services). And remove unwanted links, to do this, you can use a special service from Google.

The more large and reputable websites link to you, the higher the chances of getting the first places in search results.

Important! Search engines track not only the number and quality of links; but also how fast they appear. Be guided by two principles: a smooth increase in the link mass and a special approach to young sites.

With a sharp increase in the number of links, it is likely that they will not work at least, or they can harm SEO optimization as a whole.

It should also be noted that search engines do not trust young sites. Therefore, you need to build links in small portions, gradually and only after three months of the web resource being present in the index, so that you are not suspected of prohibited actions with the purchase of links.

Natural inbound links appear without our participation and it is extremely difficult to influence this process. But in order to increase the likelihood of their occurrence, it is important to improve your own website, that is, pay great attention to competent on-page optimization, especially by making unique and useful content for users.

Another way to get natural links (from the point of view of search engines) is to register your website in directories. The main thing is to pay attention that your site does not appear in outdated, blocked or filtering directories.

Social Media Integration

Social media has become one of the pillars of external website promotion. Large social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram provide great opportunities for your business: you can generate traffic, increase brand awareness, and SEO efficiency.

The more traffic comes to the site from social networks, the higher the engagement of subscribers in your accounts, the more Google trusts your resource.

Work on accounts on all social networks, post links to different pages of your site, interact with your audience. This is a relatively cheap and most relevant way to promote your website.

In addition, social networks are not only a resource for redirecting customers to the site but also a powerful tool for creating the voice of your brand. Create trust relationships with potential buyers, answer their questions on social networks and get leads.

Crowd Marketing

Crowd marketing – these are links from thematic communities: forums, discussions in the comments, sites of questions. This is one of the most budgetary and effective ways to set the dynamics of the link profile of your site.

Moreover, crowd marketing dilutes the link profile. It looks natural and does not cause suspicion among search engines.

How does crowd marketing work?

– Select sites with thematic discussions;
– Register on them or purchase an account (it must be at least 2 weeks old and have more than 20 messages);
– Delve into the problems of the participants in the discussion;
– During the discussion, mention your website or brand, the way it does not look like advertising, but as a good recommendation or advice.

In order for your comment not to be considered spam, you must have a well-warmed account at least, write a lot of useful messages and not abuse the linking unnecessarily.

There are several ways to launch a crowd marketing campaign:

Independently. You can promote your site on your own;

Freelance. You can attract one or more people remotely and monitor the effectiveness of their work;

Outsourcing. You can entrust it to specialized companies.

Summing up:

Off-page SEO is a mandatory stage for effective website promotion (but it is performed only after thorough internal optimization).

The webmaster should pay enough attention to each backlink, each donor site, since only one mistake can adversely affect the rating of the Internet resource or, even worse, lead to search engine filters.

As well as it is necessary to monitor the presentation of your brand in social networks carefully. It is better not to have brand accounts in social networks at all than to have a poorly presented account.

These off-page SEO techniques can help make a big breakthrough in 2020, however, it’s important to use them correctly. This is as great an opportunity for growth as a pit in case of error.

To unleash the potential of the best marketing techniques to the maximum, contact a digital agency where experienced professionals will use all the opportunities to turn them into great achievements.

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