What’s Your Social Media Marketing Strategy?

What’s Your Social Media Marketing Strategy?

The advantages of using social media are really overwhelming. Social media has found a place in almost every company’s online marketing mix. A report on Responsys says that an exterminator company in California converted 25% of their online followers to sales leads. But we cannot say that all who put efforts in SM were able to achieve what they wanted to.

So, how do we do it? If you ask me, I would say that it is just one aspect that affects your performance but many. Look at some of the important factors that can help you be successful in your online marketing campaign.

Analyze the Need: Have a clearly defined goal that you need to achieve through SM and formulate a strategy based on the same. Never do it just because others do it. Observe and learn how other businesses utilize it and then you will get enough ideas on how you can reap fruits from it in your area of operation.

Formulating a Plan: Once you have decided on what you need to achieve from social media, the next step will be to make plans to get it done. Planning is a prerequisite for the success of any task you carry out. Start off with setting up short term goals that will help you climb up the ladder to achieve the ultimate goal.

Implementation of the Plan: Once you have your online marketing strategy ready with you, the next step is to implement it as soon as possible. Any strategy can prove wrong, if not executed timely and well.

Assessment of the Strategy: It is real important to see if your strategy is working the way you have expected. See if there is any positive feedback that you were able to get because of the strategy. Also see if the short term goals are being achieved.

Change if Necessary: Change is a natural phenomenon and the behavior of social media too changes. Always be vigilant to such changes and be prepared to upgrade or refine your SMM strategies according to the changes that happen to SM platforms.

Social media is an aspect that has been tuned into the day to day activities of any individual. Siia reports that 74% have benefited from social media by executing right marketing strategies last year. Right and meticulous online marketing strategies will help you get followers who are loyal to your brand.

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