4 Key Reasons to Hire a Specialized Healthcare Marketing Agency

ON Digital Agency is servicing healthcare clients for 10+ years, and prior to specializing in healthcare marketing, I worked with other types of companies, from B2B to B2C (including e-commerce projects). Needless to say, in-depth knowledge of one industry makes any marketer and agency much more efficient, and leads to lesser spend of your marketing dollars for testing and scaling purposes. But there are other significant benefits to hiring a specialized marketing agency. Here are 4 top factors to consider:

  1. A healthcare marketing agency (like ON Digital Agency) offers more tools and resources specific to your marketing needs. As an example, when we decided to focus on healthcare marketing, we quickly realized that our big pain point is absence of a robust, HIPAA compliant CRM or marketing automation tools. Those that we found in the market were outdated and significantly overpriced. As a result, we developed our HIPAA compliant CRM and automation suite that meets specific medical needs and is affordable to all clinics, even the small ones with a single location or provider. Typically, an average digital marketing agency that works with a range of industries will not offer HIPAA compliant tools and solutions. Which leads me to the point #2.
  2. A healthcare marketing agency will understand HIPAA compliance and sign a BAA. The majority of digital marketing agencies serving multiple industries will not offer it, or even won’t know what a BAA is. Yet, they will still offer digital marketing services to healthcare providers and will not mention HIPAA or BAA, unless specifically asked about it. Conclusion: make sure to inquire about HIPAA and BAA when evaluating any marketing agency, regardless of their specialty.
  3. A healthcare marketing agency understands the requirements and limitations of digital campaigns for doctors, especially if you are subject to HIPAA (if you are not sure, check out my earlier post). Example: recent HHS regulations disallow use of Facebook pixel in its default state for healthcare providers because of how data is collected on websites and shared with Meta. Most likely, an average digital marketing agency is not aware of these regulations or how to properly set up your ads to be compliant. In fact, many healthcare marketing agencies I talk to are not equipped to resolve this yet, so make sure that your healthcare marketing agency is on top of the game!
  4. Some healthcare marketing agencies specialize in certain specialties. For example, our area of expertise is in medical weight loss marketing (check out our portfolio here). From experience I know that weight loss practices cannot advertise on TikTok, Pinterest, and there are specific limitations to what we can and cannot be done with Meta ads. However, thanks to our expertise in the field, we know exactly how to set up a weight loss marketing campaign for success, even with all the limitations! And that means more efficient, targeted budget spend for clients. Conclusion: if possible, hire not just a healthcare marketing agency, but an agency that specializes in your particular type of procedures. It’s always a win!