More new patients, more appointments from existing patient base.

Replace 15+ Software Tools
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For Practices
For Marketers

For Practices

VIP Platform For Practices

All you need is one tool, VIP medical CRM and automation assistant. Imagine if daily communications and tasks could be done from one interface while many became automated? Now you can claim back your lunch break!

  • Does your practice manager still use spreadsheets to keep up with inquiries?
  • Are patients complaining about unanswered calls?
  • You can’t reply to a Google review because someone changed the password?
  • Still using paper forms to collect patient information?
  • Or appointment no-show rate is through the roof?
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  • Have you searched high and low for a HIPAA compliant CRM that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg?
  • Are you maxed out on Zapier fees to meet your marketing needs?
  • Do you pay for multiple software applications on a monthly basis?
  • Struggling with A2P compliance requirements?
  • Or simply cannot find an effective automation tool?
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For Marketers

VIP Platform For Marketers

Try VIP, the all-in-one medical CRM that can help. Integrate with EMRs or build more capabilities with a powerful API. Now you are a superhero of medical marketing!

Who Needs a HIPAA Compliant CRM?

If you are a practice that renders services covered by health insurance, or an agency providing services to covered entities, you need to be HIPAA compliant and need a HIPAA compliant CRM.

Many believe that prospective patients are not subject to HIPAA requirements. Meaning that if someone comes to a medical website to request an appointment and submits their name, email address, and phone number, they are not yet a patient, and therefore, these requests can be stored and processed in a non-HIPAA compliant CRM.

This is not accurate.

PHI and PII of potential patients must be protected in the same way your patient information is. It means that all practices that are subject to HIPAA compliance and market their services online (or collect appointment requests and information inquiries on their websites), should invest in a HIPAA compliant CRM, or ask their marketing agency whether or not HIPAA compliant tools are used to collect and store patient and lead information.

Another common misconception we regularly come across is that an email address, or a combination of name and email address are not PHI (Protected Health Information). According to HIPAA’s Privacy Rule, it’s also not accurate.

How Does VIP Compare
With Other CRMs?

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VIP Hubspot SharpSpring
HIPAA Compliant Yes No No
Full CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Yes Yes Yes
AI-based appointment booking bot (trainable) Yes No No
Email marketing (send emails to lists, visual and HTML email builder, list management) Yes Yes Yes
SMS (text message) marketing (send to lists or one-to-one texts) Yes No No
Ringless voicemails (leave a voicemail without the patient’s phone ringing) Yes No No
Programmable voice (make, receive, and monitor phone calls all over the world) Yes Limited Limited
Direct integration with Facebook Messenger Yes No No
Direct integration with Instagram DMs (Direct Messages) Yes No No
Schedule content on social media accounts (Facebook, IG, Google My Business, TikTok) Yes (without TikTok and GMB) No
Automation campaigns (email, SMS, Facebook, Instagram messages, ringless voicemails) Yes Email only Email only
Direct Google Ads integration Yes Yes Yes
Direct integration with Facebook lead forms Yes No No
Direct integration with TikTok lead ads Yes No No
Direct Integration with Google Analytics Yes No No
Direct Integration with Google My Business Listing Yes No No
Reputation management (generate and reply to Google/Facebook reviews or reviews on other websites like Healthgrades) Yes No No
AI-based intent recognition (for reviews SurveyVitals style) Yes No No
Fast payments, invoicing (integration with Stripe, or PayPal) Yes No No
Visual Workflows Yes Yes Yes
CallRail-like call tracking with the option to record calls Yes No No
Patient surveys Yes No Yes
Email, SMS templates Yes Email only Email only
Customizable website forms with advanced functionalities Yes Yes Yes
Appointment booking widget (for websites and landing pages) Yes No No
Funnels and landing pages Yes Yes No
Communities (forums or private groups) Yes No No
Website chat widget Yes Yes Yes
Membership club (sell monthly subscriptions to products or services) Yes No No
API for integration with Zapier or other apps Yes Yes Yes
Attribution reports Yes Limited Limited
Agent Reporting Yes No No
Users per location Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Contacts per location Unlimited Limited Limited
Usage overages (email, SMS) No, pay as you go Yes Yes

VIP Pricing

Monthly VIP License Fee

$199 – $599

+ Customer Communication Fees

The cost of VIP consists of 2 components: monthly VIP license fee (varies from $199/month to $599/month based on the number of features included) and customer communication fees that are calculated based on the volume of text messages (SMS), emails, and VoIP phone calls (outbound and inbound) a practice needs on a monthly basis to follow up with appointment inquiries and communicate with existing patients.

Some practices may not use VIP phone call and text messaging capabilities. VIP setup is flexible and customizable to meet individual needs of every practice.