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Why Should You Have the Best Website?

Best Website

The Client Needs To Be Convinced

Your site will not be the only one in the search. The client needs to show that you are the best solution to his problem, and not a competitor.

Your Competitors Are Doing
Something Too

The market is becoming more and more competitive,
it’s impossible to create a site “quickly” and make money.

You Must Be Remembered

It is far from always that a person leaves an application
immediately, but he must remember your site in order
to contact you in the future.

Best Website



Information Gathering and Analysis

During this initial stage we will be diving into the project, analyzing and researching purposes and target audience. We will build off the overall logic of the website and set functional requirements.



On the second stage, we will be creating a sitemap, prototyping user experience, and creating pages layouts.



Now it’s time to add colors! Our creative team will develop a design concept for the entire website. They will draw design layouts, and create branding infographics, illustrations, icons – any graphic elements that make your website stand out!



Our engineering team will be HTML-coding the website in accordance with the design templates.The website will be optimized for mobile devices. At this stage, we will add all necessary plugins and integrate the website with external services.



Content creation usually goes in parallel with website coding. Our native speaking team of medical copywriters will provide a unique copy of missing content or improve the existing one. We will add calls-to-actions and other information related to your medical practice and services to the website. On this stage, we will optimize the content for search engines and produce SEO-friendly titles and headlines.


Testing and Launching

We will run dozens of tests to ensure the website functions correctly. We will test every single link, every form, every script. We will use validators to check the code, test the site’s speed and ensure it’s responsive on all devices.



After successful delivering your new website, we will keep monitoring its health and performance, install regular updates, and ensure security. Importantly, we will train your team in charge to use a content management system (CMS) to add and manage content to the website.

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